Building creative projects takes collaboration — by going through this step by step process, we’ll be able to work as a team to bring your ideas to life!



Once you contact me about your project, I’ll talk with you about your idea and your vision. What’s your story? What are you trying to achieve? I want to know what makes your idea awesome! This is the time to dream big and show me what you want for your brand.




So, now we know your story and your goals, and we can start digging a little deeper to see what you need. I will advise what design elements suit your idea the best, and we will discuss timelines. I will send over a personalized design proposal detailing what we have decided for your creative project.




Get excited—this is when I start bringing your idea to life! I always start with a blank page and I work beyond trends to create something elegant and timeless, something that will connect with your heart and your soul. At this stage, we will go through several phases with your project together — conceptualization, revision, and finalization.




Once your project is finalized, it’s ready to be sent out into the world! Your projects will be sent to print, and/or you will receive the digital files.