At Myrmia, I strive to make your visions into reality. I believe every one of my clients deserves a unique, custom-made design — each of your projects will be created from scratch, making sure it fits your needs perfectly. Let’s work together to create something beautiful!


bioHello! I’m Saarah Saghir, a freelance designer and illustrator. I hold a Bachelor of Design from York University and Sheridan College, where I learned everything from making my own typeface to soldering a circuit board. I’ve had experience working in a design agency, as well as with nonprofits. Over the years, I’ve learned my passion for storytelling best emerges in my specializations of branding & illustration.

Thematically, I am drawn to the delicate forms of nature, the bold strokes of handmade images, and the elegance of minimalism.

The best feeling in the whole world for me is when I’m sitting in front of a sun-drenched window, my pencils and paints arranged around me, and the thrilling sensation of an empty, blank page, waiting for me to make my mark.